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Citibank International Personal Bank Singapore,[1] or Citibank IPB Singapore, is a division of Citibank Singapore Limited that caters to people who want to invest in other countries through offshore banking. Currently Citibank IPB Singapore has three branches in the central region of Singapore.[2] Citi as a whole employs over 9,000 people in Singapore.


Citibank International Personal Bank Singapore is a division of the Singapore branch of Citibank Singapore Limited. The other divisions of Citi in Singapore are the Citi Institutional Clients Group, Global Consumer Banking, Citi Global Wealth Management and Citi Private Bank.

  • Citi’s Institutional Clients Group gives financial services to corporate, governmental and institutional clients.
  • Citi’s Global Consumer Banking branch is one of the area’s retail banks.
  • Citi’s International Personal Bank is one of its global offshore banking outlets.
  • Global Wealth Management services individuals and families in Singapore with a net worth of over US $10 million.

Key people[edit]

  • Cr Sambamurthy - Business Manager, Citibank IPB Singapore



Citibank IPB Singapore provides offshore banking services to affluent individuals around the world (though limited by legal restrictions).

  • Online banking

The Citibank inAccount[3] is an integrated international online account that has both savings and trading features. This web-based account provides interests on deposits and the platform for trading securities in both the U.S. and Singapore markets.

  • Personal Banking

Personal Banking offer customers a range of financial products for banking and investment needs.

  • Citigold

The Citigold Relationship is an unspecified product, touted as a "special and rewarding experience for clients that comes with the commitment of superior banking, investment options and services, each backed by extensive global financial expertise".[citation needed]

  • Citigold Private Client

Citigold Private Client is for those with US$1Million and more invested with Citibank.


  • Best Bank Award, The Asset Triple A Country Awards 2013


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