Citizen Band (music band)

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For radio band, see Citizens' band radio.
Citizen Band
'Citizen Band', on Main Stage, Nambassa 1978.jpg
Citizen Band performing live, 1978
Background information
Origin New Zealand
Years active 1978–1982
Past members Geoff Chunn
Mike Chunn
Greg Clark
Brent Eccles
Roland Killeen

Citizen Band were a New Zealand band formed by the brothers Geoff and Mike Chunn, both of whom had previously been members of Split Enz.

Band members[edit]

Geoff played guitar, sang, and wrote most of the songs. Mike played bass. Other members were guitarist Greg Clark and drummer Brent Eccles, both of whom were former members of New Zealand glam-rock band, Space Waltz. Formed in 1977, the band played concerts around Auckland including a free concert in Albert Park and a one day rock festival. The band recorded their first album Citizen Band at Mandrill studios, produced by the band and Glyn Tucker Jr.

Their second album Just Drove Thru Town was also recorded at Mandrill Studios from June 18–30, 1979. The Album was produced by Jay Lewis and engineered by Glyn Tucker Jr. Two singles were released from the album, "Rust In My Car"/"Dig That Tex" and "No Stereo"/"SOS".

After the band moved to Australia, Mike Chunn left the band, and was replaced by Roland Killeen. Eventually the band broke up in 1982.

In its original lineup, Citizen Band could generally be regarded as a New Zealand supergroup - both Chunn brothers were former members of Split Enz, whereas Clark and Eccles were formerly part of New Zealand glam-rock band Space Waltz.


Date Title Label Charted Certification Catalog Number
1978 Citizen Band - -
1979 Just Drove Thru Town CBS Records New Zealand 18 - SBP237349
1980 CB Bootleg (Live) - -
1993 Rust in my Car - -

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