Citizen Option for Macedonia

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The Citizen Option for Macedonia (Macedonian: Граѓанска опција за Македонија, Grajanska Optsiya za Makedoniya, GROM) is a political party in Macedonia led by Stevčo Jakimovski.


The party was established by Jakimovski in May 2013 after he left the Social Democratic Union in protest at its planned boycott of the 2013 local elections.[1] It nominated Zoran T. Popovski as its presidential candidate for the 2014 general elections, with Popovski finishing fourth out of four candidates with 3.61% of the vote.

In the Assembly elections GROM led an alliance under its own name, including the Liberal Party, the Serbian Progressive Party in Macedonia, the Union of Tito's Left Forces, and the Party of Free Democrats.[2] The alliance received 2.8% of the vote, winning a single seat.[3]