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The Citizens' Forum Austria (German: Bürgerforum Österreich, FRITZ) is an Austrian political party mainly active in Tyrol. It was founded by president of the Tyrolean branch of the Austrian Chamber of Labour Fritz Dinkhauser (an Austrian People's Party member before that), who was joined by the popular anti-transit activist Fritz Gurgiser of the Transitforum Austria-Tirol. At the 2008 state election, the Citizens' Forum stood under the name Fritz Dinkhauser List – Citizens' Forum Tyrol (German: Liste Fritz Dinkhauser − Bürgerforum Tirol, FRITZ) and got 18.3% of the vote, thus becoming the second-largest party with 7 seats.[1] The party contested the 2008 early national election, as well but receiving a mere 1.76% failed to obtain any seat.[2] In the 2013 state election, the Citizens' Forum gained just 5.64% of the vote, winning 2 seats in the state legislature.


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