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Web address
Type of site social networking / information site
Available in English
Owner Advameg, Inc.
Launched 2003
Alexa rank 1188[1]
Current status Active

City-Data is a private Illinois-based social networking and information website that presents data and information relevant to U.S. cities. is owned and operated by Advameg, Inc.[2] According to Quantcast, which directly measures the traffic to, as of May 7, 2012, it is ranked as 72nd largest website in the United States with over 13 million visitors per month.[3] The website was created in late 2003.[4][5]


U.S. cities, counties, zip codes, and neighborhoods are profiled and compared using data about race, income, education, crime, weather, housing, maps, air pollution, religions and any other information deemed vital. In addition, the website contains detailed information and articles about other features of local interest, such as schools and their demographics and test scores, hospitals, libraries, tourist attractions, local businesses, restaurant inspection findings, building permits, bridge conditions, hotels, water systems, airports, cell phone towers, property tax assessments, and car accidents. The site allows users to obtain home value estimates and see recent home sales and search for over 14 million businesses. In addition, it contains multiple tools, such as a gasoline usage calculator for trips and mortgage calculators.

Data sources for the website's various indicators are not publicly disclosed. According to the site's 'About' page, "[] cannot help in licensing or obtaining any of the data used on our site. Some content used on our site is under license from other companies."[6] contains local and general Internet forums with over 23 million posts and 1,300,000 registered members.[7] The forum started in 2005.

In 2010, because of a post on the People Search forum, a mother and son reunited 17 years after the son was kidnapped.[8]


Some former City-Data forum members claim City-Data practices unfair and hostile forum moderation. The founder of City-Data is Lech Mazur, who founded Advameg, [9]as well as another company known as Global Information Network [10] which appears to also be a pyramid money making scam.

There are various forum sites which have been created by City-Data posters to discuss the unfair and hostile moderation practices found on City-Data.[11][12][13][14][15] ByeBye eTard uncovered that the addresses listed with the BBB for both Adameg and Global Information Network are either a strip mall or a gas station. [16] Ripoff Report has numerous complaints about both City-Data [17] and Global Information Network: [18] The BBB has given both Advameg and Global Information Network F ratings. [19] [20]


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