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Transdev Brisbane Ferries
Predecessor River Connections
Founded November 2003
Headquarters Brisbane, Australia
Area served
Brisbane River
Key people
James Hall (General Manager)
Services Ferry services
Number of employees
Parent Transdev

Transdev Brisbane Ferries (formerly Metrolink Queensland & TransdevTSL Brisbane Ferries) is the operator of the Brisbane City Council's ferry network under the TransLink integrated public transport scheme in Brisbane.

In November 2003 Metrolink Queensland (a joint venture between Transdev and Transfield Services) commenced operating CityCat and Cityferry services in Brisbane under a seven-year contract. In November 2010 a 10-year extension commenced. In December 2010 the joint venture was dissolved with Transfield Services selling its shares to Transdev. In July 2013 the company name was rebranded as Transdev Brisbane Ferries.

Transdev Brisbane Ferries operates Cityferry and CityCat services between the University of Queensland St Lucia campus and Hamilton on the Brisbane River.[1] TransdevTSL Brisbane Ferries's fleet currently consists of CityCats and CityFerries.[2]


The badly damaged North Quay ferry wharf following the January 2011 Brisbane flood

In August 1991, River Connections took over the operation of Brisbane City Council's fleet of Cityferries. CityCat services began in 1996 with 6 vessels, each capable of carrying 149 passengers, with two further vessels added to the fleet in 1998. In November 2003 Metrolink Queensland (a joint venture between Transdev and Transfield Services) was contracted to operate CityCat and Cityferry services for seven years.[2][3]

In 2004, when Translink was established, the first "second generation" CityCat (Beenung-urrung) was introduced and passenger numbers increased by 26%. Late 2004 saw the restructuring of the Cityferry network which included more late night services. In response to the 31% increase in demand for CityCat services in 2005, another "second generation" CityCat (Tunamun) was introduced.

In 2008 Metrolink Queensland was rebranded as TransdevTSL Brisbane Ferries. Also in 2008, three new CityCats (Meeandah, Wilwinpa and Ya-wa-gara) were launched and the Apollo Road terminal was reopened. In 2009 and 2010, three new CityCats (Mahreel, Kuluwin and Gootcha) were added to the fleet. Early 2010 saw the introduction of three express services during morning peak times. The second and third generation vessels have a capacity of 162 passengers.[1][2][3]

In November 2010 a new contract for 10 years commenced.[4] In December 2010 the joint venture was dissolved with Transfield Services selling its shares to Transdev.[5]

All services were suspended on 10 January 2011 due to severe weather prior to the 2011 Brisbane floods.[6] While the CityCat and ferry fleet escaped damage by mooring downstream at the Rivergate Marina or Manly harbour, much of the infrastructure was damaged or destroyed by the floods, causing services to be cancelled indefinitely.[7] Partial CityCat and CityFerry services recommenced on 14 February 2011, using fifteen repaired wharves.[8] Six of the remaining wharves opened using rescued and repaired pontoons on 18 April 2011.[9][10]

The upgraded West End terminal was opened at the end of July 2011.[11] A new terminal at Northshore Hamilton opened in October 2011.[12]

In order to revitalise patronage on the inner city ferry route, the council converted it into a free service targeted at tourists in 2012 at cost of $6M.[13] As part of this change, three of the existing fleet of ferries were painted red to be dedicated to the route, named CityHopper.[14]

In July 2013 TransdevTSL Brisbane Ferries was rebranded as Transdev Brisbane Ferries.[15]


Transdev Brisbane Ferries operates Cityferry and CityCat services between the University of Queensland St Lucia campus and Hamilton on the Brisbane River. The CityCat operates between the University of Queensland and Northshore, Hamilton. Not all CityCat services stop all stops, with some peak time express services operating. The CityFerry operates two different services, Inner City Ferries services the inner city and Cross River Ferry services have less than three stops.[1]


Transdev Brisbane Ferries's fleet currently consists of 20 CityCats and 9 CityFerries.[2] The fleet has grown in size to cater for the significant increase in patronage on CityCat ferry services (by 88% in the last six years).[16]


The CityCat vessels are catamarans, and named after the Aboriginal place names for various parts of the Brisbane River and adjacent areas (with the exception of the 19th CityCat, the Spirit of Brisbane, which honours the 2011 flood recovery volunteers[17]). The English name is given in brackets, with the launch date. The entire CityCat fleet is fitted with WiFi allowing access to UQConnect and EduRoam, TransLink timetable information and Brisbane City Council's website.[2][18]

First generation[edit]

First generation CityCat catamaran
  • Kurilpa (West End) launched November 1996
  • Mirbarpa (Indooroopilly) launched November 1996
  • Barrambin (Breakfast Creek) launched November 1996
  • Tugulawa (Brisbane River at Bulimba) launched November 1996
  • Mianjin (Gardens Point) launched December 1996
  • Binkinba (New Farm) launched December 1996
  • Mooroolbin (Hamilton Sandbank) launched October 1998
  • Baneraba (Toowong) launched December 1998

Second generation[edit]

Second generation CityCat catamaran

Third generation[edit]

Third generation CityCat catamaran


CityFerry with single deck
CityHopper with upper deck

CityFerry covers a smaller area than the CityCat ferry service with stops spaced closer together, and is operated with monohull ferries, varying slightly in appearance.[2]

  • Bulimba
  • Lucinda
  • Koopa
  • Otter
  • Mermaid
  • Doomba
  • Gayundah
  • Kalparrin
  • John Oxley

Ferry network[edit]

This is a list of the suburban ferry wharves operating along the Brisbane River. The wharves are given in geographical order, heading upstream.

Existing wharves[edit]

Wharves damage[edit]

Damaged West End ferry wharf, 2011

In January 2011 all of the ferry wharves were damaged or destroyed during the devastating floods and the services were suspended indefinitely. Ten wharves had minor damage (Bretts Wharf, Apollo Rd, Teneriffe, Bulimba, Hawthorne, New Farm Park, Mowbray Park, Dockside, Riverside, Guyatt Park), six had moderate damage (Norman Park, Eagle St Pier, Thornton St, River Plaza, South Bank 3, South Bank 1 & 2) and seven are to be rebuild (Sydney St, Holman St, QUT, North Quay, Regatta, West End, UQ).[28] No boats in the fleet of ferries was lost.[29]

It was expected that the infrastructure repairs would take months to replace.[30] Temporary facilities were operating at most terminals by mid-April 2011.[31]

Planned new wharves[edit]

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