City Centre (Salt Lake City, Kolkata)

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City Centre
Emblem of City Centre
Location Salt Lake, Kolkata
Address DC Block, Salt Lake, Kolkata
Opening date 2004
Owner Ambuja Realty
Architect Charles Correa
No. of stores and services 60+
Total retail floor area 400,000 sq ft
No. of floors G+3
Website [1]
City Centre, Salt Lake

City Centre is a shopping mall in Kolkata, India. It is located in the Salt Lake township of Kolkata. It is the twin mall of the Forum mall situated at the other part of the city.

City Centre Salt Lake is Kolkata’s first integrated and unconventional hangout and shopping option. With approximately 42 thousand sq. metre. of commercial and entertainment spaces on five acres of land, City Centre Salt Lake attracts all crowds. Comprising the Mall, the Plaza Blocks, the Cineplex, the Tower, the Residency and the now legendary 'Kund', City Centre Salt Lake has acquired a loyal community.

"The City Centre in Kolkata is a very special place...a microcosm of the whole metropolis, catering to multiple land-uses and diverse income profiles...a kaleidoscope of contrast, colour and energy. We have in the City Centre a wide range of different-sized residences, entertainment centres, offices and shops - varying from the smallest 'dukaans' to the most glamorous air-conditioned boutiques and large department stores.

These multifarious activities, all arranged in a fine-grained mix, are generated by a complex system of spaces...from broad colonaded public arcades to narrow bazar 'galis' to large terraced plazas...culminating in the kund in the centre of the complex. Coffee shops and restaurants, strategically placed at pivotal locations, provide opportunities to rest under wide-spreading trees and observe the world around you...a marvelous tradition, which has always been essential to life in the great city of Kolkata" ... Charles Correa, celebrated Architect-visionary, Designer of City Centre Salt Lake


City Center enjoys a neighbourhood with landmark hotels like Hyatt Regency, ITC Sonar Bangla.