City Hall (C-Train)

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City Hall
CTrain Station
Station statistics
Address 323C - 7 Avenue SE
Coordinates 51°02′46.5″N 114°03′25″W / 51.046250°N 114.05694°W / 51.046250; -114.05694Coordinates: 51°02′46.5″N 114°03′25″W / 51.046250°N 114.05694°W / 51.046250; -114.05694
Line(s) 7th Avenue Transit Corridor
Structure type At-grade
Platforms Side-loading platforms
Other information
Opened 1981
Rebuilt 2011[1]
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Owned by Calgary Transit
Preceding station   C-Train   Following station
toward Tuscany
Route 201
toward Tuscany
Route 202
toward Saddletowne

City Hall is a station on the C-Train light rail system in Calgary, Alberta. It is located on the 7 Avenue Transit mall between Macleod Trail and 3 Street S.E. It is the easternmost and a Gateway station in downtown, as well as the first downtown station to have dual-side platforms (Downtown West – Kerby, opened in 2012, was the second). It serves both routes 201 and 202 and is the Eastern extent of the free-fare zone.

This new dual-platform station replaces the previous City Hall and Olympic Plaza stations both of which opened May 25, 1981 as part of Calgary's first LRT line from 8 Street W to Anderson.

The original City Hall Station served only Eastbound trains. The station was originally called 2 Street E. In late 1987, the station was renamed City Hall as 2 Street SE became Macleod Trail Northbound and the city did not want to call the Station Macleod Trail since it would not give a good indicator of the stations location because Macleod Trail is a long roadway traveling all the way to the very south end of the city. City Hall was chosen as the station is adjacent to the Calgary Municipal Building.

The original Olympic Plaza Station was initially called 1 Street E. It was renamed Olympic Plaza in late 1987 as its namesake is right across the street. The station was located between Macleod Trail and 1 Street SE.

On May 3, 2010, the original City Hall station was closed to be demolished and rebuilt on the spot, with a new westbound platform being constructed across the street, while the original Olympic Plaza station remained open. On June 6, 2011, both City Hall platforms opened and Olympic Plaza was permanently closed and demolished shortly thereafter. After the 2011 Stampede finished, the eastbound platform (South side of 7 Avenue; adjacent to Municipal Building) was re-closed to finish construction and officially re-opened on September 19, 2011.[1] The Westbound platform (North side of 7 Avenue; adjacent to the Library) was completely finished as of June 6, 2011 and didn't re-close.

Olympic Plaza was the last of the vintage 1981 Stations on 7 Avenue to be demolished. Both of the new platforms are built to 4-car length and use the same design as all other downtown stations.

Notable buildings located near the station include the Calgary Municipal Building, Calgary Police Headquarters, the provincial court, the EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts, the main branch of the Calgary Public Library, and Olympic Plaza. Also, the United States Consulate-General office is located at nearby Rocky Mountain Plaza (across from the mentioned Calgary Public Library).

The station registered an average of 9,700 and 11,800 weekday boardings in 2005 (for City Hall and Olympic Plaza respectively).[2]



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