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City View is a panoramic internet service started in 1993. The service provided by Company BURGER (computer engineering and geoinformatics enterprise) covered with the panoramic images the downtown of the capital of Slovenia. First interactive cycloramas, layered on custom digital elevation model generated maps,[1] connecting cultural and historical locations of Ljubljana were uploaded to the Internet in March 1996 and within the domain (later also under domain in 1997. The idea of the project was "Ljubljana is a huge museum. Streets are museum corridors and passages. Interiors of the buildings are museum exhibitions." Service switched from custom digital elevation model generated maps to Google Maps as a layer in 2007.[2]

The City View service extended to all Slovenian towns in 1998 and started the project Subterranean View, covering most of the show caves and important karst features in Slovenia. [3][4][5]


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