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City Vision
Founded 1998
Colors Red and green
Auckland Council
2 / 20
Auckland Local Board Members
14 / 146
Auckland District Health Board[1]
2 / 7
Auckland City Licensing trusts [2]
1 / 31

City Vision is a centre-left coalition of two political parties (New Zealand Labour Party and Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand) and community independents who contest Auckland Council (and previously Auckland City and Auckland Regional Council) elections every triennium. They have usually caucused in affiliation with Labour Party councillors and progressive independents.


City Vision originated in 1998[3] with a view to contesting and challenging the Citizens and Ratepayers Association (C&R) which had dominated control of the Auckland City Council since the C&R's formation in the 1930s. City Vision have traditionally held representation in the centre-west and south of Auckland City.

City Vision candidates gained partial control of the Auckland City Council with the appointment of their first leader Bruce Hucker as Deputy Mayor of Auckland City in the 1998-2001 Christine Fletcher Mayoral administration, but received an electoral setback in 2001 with the election of a John Banks/C&R led council.

City Vision and Labour formed a working majority after the 2004 elections (winning nine seats)[4] plus the election of Dick Hubbard to the Mayoralty, partnering with Action Hobson anti-motorway councillors to form a bloc of twelve out of twenty. This council term saw public discontent over rates rises and water-price rises, as well as public anger over accusations of wasteful spending like overseas travel.[citation needed] This term was also marked by infighting inside City Vision, with the deposition of leader Bruce Hucker and his replacement by Labour Councillor Richard Northey (a former Labour MP).

City Vision lost the 2007 elections to a John Banks/Citizens-and-Ratepayers team,finding themselves reduced to three councillors, in addition to two Labour councillors also re-elected.

Richard Northey continued as the leader of the City Vision and Labour bloc on Auckland City's council from the 2007 elections onwards.

In the 2010 elections, the first for the new Auckland Council, Cathy Casey won a seat for City Vision. Winning candidates endorsed by City Vision were Mike Lee for council and Len Brown for mayor. Labour won another two council seats. City Vision won the majority on two local boards: Waitemata, which includes the central business district, and Albert Eden. They also hold two seats on the Puketapapa local board under the affiliation "Roskill Community Voice".

In the 2013 elections, Cathy Casey retained her council seat for City Vision. Winning candidates endorsed by City Vision were Mike Lee for council and Len Brown for mayor. City Vision and affiliates hold the majority on three local boards: the majority was maintained on Waitemata and Albert-Eden local boards while City Vision members gained a majority on Puketapapa local board under the affiliation Roskill Community Voice.

Auckland Local Elections[edit]

Election Candidates nominated Seats won
Local Board Candidates Council Candidates Health Board Candidates Licensing trust Candidates Local Board Seats Council Seats Health Board Seats Licensing trust Seats
2004 [5] 22/52 9/19 5/7 3/9
17 / 52
9 / 19
3 / 7
2 / 9
2007 [6] 20/52 9/19 4/7 3/9
9 / 52
3 / 19
3 / 7
1 / 9
2010 22/149 2/20 4/21 3/32
10 / 149
1 / 20
2 / 21
2 / 32
2013 19/149 2/20 7/21 3/31
14 / 149
1 / 20
2 / 21
1 / 31


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