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City and Regional Magazine Association
City and Regional Magazine Association logo.jpg
City and Regional Magazine Association logo
Founded 1978 [1]
Type 501c7 nonprofit organization
Tax ID no. 22-2269813 [2]
Revenue $632,057 (2011)[2]
Expenses $678,327 (2011)[2]

The City and Regional Magazine Association (CRMA) is an American nonprofit organization founded in 1978[1] that facilitates professional development and training opportunities for member magazines and opportunities to exchange information and ideas.[3]


The Association seeks to encourage high editorial and journalistic standards and to compile industry research and data for its members. CRMA also represents member magazines on major national and regional public policy issues.[3] The organization's membership comprises publications from the United States, Canada and Mexico.[4] Each year, the organization provides awards for excellence to qualified member organizations in designated categories. The awards are managed on CRMA’s behalf by the University of Missouri School of Journalism.[1]


Generally, to be eligible for membership a magazine must be focused on general interest topics covering a local or regional area. The publication must have or be in the process of completing a circulation audit, and the publication must be primarily distributed through the mail or through newsstand sales. The publication should also demonstrate a commitment to editorial independent of advertiser interests.[1]

Existing members include:[5]


CRMA offers a number of services to member publications, including:[1]

  • Financial standards and performance survey with customized comparisons of each magazine to the total
  • Advertising sales network assisting members to market ads in multiple markets
  • Listserve e-mail program serving each of the major magazine departments providing access to colleagues nationwide to consult on questions, issues, problems or ideas that arise
  • National conference for key staff organized along departmental and functional lines offering 3 days of educational sessions on all aspects of magazine operations and an exhibit show that showcases leading vendors and their products and services
  • Two publishers roundtable meetings each year where key management topics and concerns can be addressed by executive level participants


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