Fredericton Transit

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Fredericton Transit
Headquarters 470 St. Mary's St.
Locale Fredericton NB
Service area urban area
Service type bus service, paratransit
Routes 8
Fleet 28 buses
Website Transportation

Fredericton Transit (or the City of Fredericton Transit Division) is a small transit operator in Canada owned by the city of Fredericton, New Brunswick. It also includes Dial-A-Bus service for people with disabilities.



  • Adult/Seniors/Students — Cash Fare - $2.25
  • Children under 6 - FREE
  • Pre-paid tickets - 10 for $20.00


  • Adult Monthly Pass - $70.00/Month
  • Student Monthly Pass - $45.00/Month
  • 65 Plus Club Pass - $50.00/month


Fredericton Transit provides public transportation six days a week in the city

Fredericton Transit provides public transport to most residential districts Monday to Saturday between 6:15 am and 11:00 pm. Kings Place in the central business district is the common interchange point for all services. A typical route has an hourly frequency throughout the day, with more frequent services in peak hour.

Fredericton Transit routes are often suffixed with N or S, denoting the direction in which the bus travels. As of June 16, 2008 Fredericton Transit operates the following routes:

Fredericton Transit Routes[1]
No. Name Description and notes
11N Carlisle Road via Main / Sunset
11S Prospect via St. Thomas via St.Thomas / Windsor
13N Brookside Brookside Mall via Smythe / Maple
13S Prospect via Maple via Maple / Smythe
15N Barker's Point via York / Union
15S Hanwell Park via Union / York
16N Marysville via UNB / MacLaren
16S Prospect via MacLaren via MacLaren / UNB
18 Silverwood via Queen
20 Lincoln via Kings Place
116 Kingsplace via Skyline Acres / Southwood Park
216 Corbett Centre via Southwood / Skyline



Fredericton Transit 8871, now retired

Fredericton Transit currently has 28 buses on 9 routes operating Monday to Saturday.

Handicapped/disabled access denotes wheelchair access



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