City of Glass (film)

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City of Glass
Directed by Mabel Cheung
Starring Leon Lai
Shu Qi
Nicola Cheung
Daniel Wu
Eason Chan
Pauline Yam
Vincent Kok
Release date(s) 1998 (1998)
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

City of Glass (玻璃之城; Boli zhi cheng) is a 1998 Hong Kong film, directed by Mabel Cheung.



On New Year's Day 1997, a car accident in London, England claims the lives of Raphael (Lai) and Vivian (Shu). The couple was once young lovers during their days at the University of Hong Kong in the 1970s, but had drifted apart and eventually ended up marrying other people and raising their own families. However, they reunited in the 1990s and their love partially rekindled. After their funeral, Raphael's son David and Vivian's daughter Suzie learned of their parents' affair and embark on a journey to discover their secret lives. In the end, the two fall in love.

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