City of Heroes Roleplaying Game

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City of Heroes Roleplaying Game
CoHRPG Quickplay.jpg
Cover of the CoH RPG's quickplay preview
Designer(s) M. Alexander Jurkat, Jack Emmert, Sean Fish, CJ Carella
Publisher(s) Eden Studios
Publication date Unknown
Genre(s) Superhero fiction
System(s) Unisystem

The City of Heroes Roleplaying Game, or "CoH RPG" for short, is a role-playing game developed by Eden Studios based on Cryptic Studios' MMORPG City of Heroes. Development of the game was announced March 2005. The basic CoH RPG was written and designed by M. Alexander Jurkat with additional material by Jack Emmert and Sean Fish. The game uses a role-playing game system written by C.J. Carella called the Universal Mission Simulation System (Unisystem).

Players create and role-play superheroes in the Paragon City setting, the titular City of Heroes from the computer game. Players' characters are customizable in appearance and super abilities. Many enemies from the computer game are translated into Unisystem characters, such as Dr. Vahzilok and the Circle of Thorns.

An official free downloadable preview of the game containing a sample adventure, characters and basic rules was also available.

In June 2006, a company press release on their official web site announced that the Registration Manual and Monitor's Support Pack (the two main rulebooks for the game) were nearing completion and getting ready to go to press. Despite this, financial strains at Eden Studios meant the game would not see print until at least 2007.

As of March 2008, the game had still not been released. Earlier that year full ownership of the City of Heroes/Villains intellectual property had been sold by Cryptic Studios to the publisher of the game, NCSoft. George Vasilakos, owner of Eden Studios, stated in the official Eden forums that this had impacted their ability to release the game, but that further information was waiting on communications between the involved companies.[1]

Notes and references[edit]

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