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This article is about the local government area. For the regional city, see Queanbeyan.
City of Queanbeyan
New South Wales
Queanbeyan LGA NSW.png
Location in New South Wales
Coordinates 35°21′S 149°13′E / 35.350°S 149.217°E / -35.350; 149.217Coordinates: 35°21′S 149°13′E / 35.350°S 149.217°E / -35.350; 149.217
Population 40,568 (2013 est)[1]
 • Density 235.9/km2 (610.9/sq mi)
Area 172 km2 (66.4 sq mi)
Mayor Tim Overall
Council seat Queanbeyan[2]
Region Southern Tablelands
State electorate(s) Monaro
Federal Division(s) Eden-Monaro
Website City of Queanbeyan
LGAs around City of Queanbeyan:
ACT ACT Palerang
ACT City of Queanbeyan Palerang
ACT Palerang Palerang

Queanbeyan City is a local government area located in south eastern New South Wales, Australia. The area is located adjacent to Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory, the Queanbeyan River, the Molonglo River, the Kings Highway and the Sydney-Canberra railway.

The Mayor of the Queanbeyan City Council is Tim Overall, an independent politician.

Cities, towns and localities[edit]

It includes the suburbs and villages of:

In 1998 Queanbeyan Council applied to have the localities of Letchworth, Larmer, Dodsworth and De Salis recognised as suburbs and these names were assigned by the Geographical Names Board of New South Wales. A more recent Council has had these names withdrawn.


Queanbeyan City Council Chambers in Crawford Street

Current composition and election method[edit]

Queanbeyan City Council is composed of ten Councillors, including the Mayor, for a fixed four-year term of office. The Mayor is directly elected while the nine other Councillors are elected proportionally as one entire ward. The most recent election was held on 8 September 2012, and the makeup of the Council, including the Mayor, is as follows:[3][4][5]

Party Councillors
  Independents and Unaligned 7
  Australian Labor Party 2
  Australian Democrats 1
Total 10

The current Council, elected in 2012, in order of election, is:[4]

Councillor Party Notes
  Tim Overall Independent Mayor[3]
  Trudy Taylor Independent Elected on Tim Overall's ticket
  Brian Brown Labor
  Jamie Cregan Independent
  Sue Whelan Independent
  Velice Trajanoski Independent Elected on Tim Overall's ticket
  Peter Bray Independent Elected on Tim Overall's ticket
  Toni McLennan Australian Democrats Elected on Tim Overall's ticket
  Judith Burfoot Labor Elected on Brian Brown's ticket
  Kenrick Winchester Independent

Past Mayors of Queanbeyan[edit]

Councillor Term of office
J. J. Wright 1885-1888
John Bull 1888-1889
George Tompsitt 1889-1890
Edwin Henry Land 1890-1891
Nathan Moses Lazarus 1891-1892
Edwin Henry Land 1892-1897
William Pike 1897-1899
Patrick Blackall 1900-1903
James Pike 1900
Henry Hungerford 1904-1905
Edwin Atkinson 1906-1907
Ernest Hincksman 1907-1909
Richard Moore 1909-1910
Arthur Collett 1910-1912
Fredrick Woodward 1913
Richard Moore 1913-1914
Frederick Woodward 1915-1917
Arthur Collett 1917-1920
Frederick Woodward 1920-1921
James Harris 1922-1924
William Freebody 1925-1927
Henry Land 1927-1929
William Freebody 1929-1932
Henry Taylor 1932-1935
John Esmond 1935-1939
Henry Taylor 1939-1951
Ralph Spendelove 1951-1954
Arthur Lambert 1954-1963
Frederick Land 1963-1980
David Madew 1980-1991
Frank Pangallo 1991-2008
Tim Overall 2008–present


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