City of Warwick

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City of Warwick
Old lgadot Warwick.png
Location within Queensland
Population 10,393 (1991 census)[1]
 • Density 414.1/km2 (1,072.4/sq mi)
Established 1861
Area 25.1 km2 (9.7 sq mi)
Council seat Warwick
Region Darling Downs
LGAs around City of Warwick:
Allora Allora Glengallan
Rosenthal City of Warwick Glengallan
Rosenthal Glengallan Glengallan

The City of Warwick was a local government area administering the regional centre of Warwick in the Darling Downs region of Queensland. The City covered an area of 25.1 square kilometres (9.7 sq mi), and existed as a local government entity from 1861 until 1994, when it was dissolved and amalgamated with Shire of Allora, Shire of Rosenthal and Shire of Glengallan to form the Shire of Warwick.


The Borough of Warwick came into being on 25 May 1861 under the Municipalities Act 1858, a piece of New South Wales legislation inherited by Queensland at its separation two years earlier.[2]

With the passage of the Local Authorities Act 1902, the Borough of Warwick became the Town of Warwick.[2][3]

On 4 April 1936 it was proclaimed as the City of Warwick.[3][4]

On 19 March 1992, the Electoral and Administrative Review Commission, created two years earlier, produced its report External Boundaries of Local Authorities, and recommended that local government boundaries in the Warwick area be rationalised into 3 new local government areas.[5] That recommendation was not implemented, but the outcome was that the City of Warwick was merged with the Shires of Allora, Glengallan and Rosenthal to form a new Shire of Warwick. The Local Government (Allora, Glengallan, Rosenthal and Warwick) Regulation 1994 was gazetted on 20 May 1994. On 25 June, an election was held for the new council, and on 1 July 1994, the City of Warwick was abolished.[4][6]



Year Population
1933 6,664
1947 7,129
1954 9,151
1961 9,843
1966 10,065
1971 9,303
1976 9,169
1981 8,853
1986 9,435
1991 10,393
1996 10,947


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