Citypark Albania

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Citypark Albania
Citypark Albania.png
Logo of Citypark Tirana
Location Tirana,
Opening date 19-12-2009 [1][2]
Management Colliers International
Owner AM Group
No. of stores and services 180[3]
Total retail floor area 64.000 Sqm [4]
No. of floors 2
Parking 3500 parking spots [5]
The mall seen from the highway

Citypark Albania is a shopping mall in Albania.[6] located along the Durrës – Tirana highway.

Features and retailers[edit]

Citypark is Albania's 2nd largest shopping centre with its 180 shops, a supermarket, a food court, a "seven-star" hotel, an ice-skating ring, Cartoonland, and other entertainment areas. The shopping center is 12 km away from the centre of Tirana, 8 km from the Kamëz Crossing, and 7.5 km from the Tirana International Airport Mother Teresa. The shopping mall was constructed by AM Group, a local company. The total cost of the investment has been estimated at 80 million euros. The mall covers a catchment area of 1,350,000 consumers in a 25 km radius.[7] City Park Albania has attracted the interest of international retailers looking to make their entrance into the Albanian market and that of local retailers who intend to grow their existing retail business. There is interest from new market entrants primarily from Greece, Italy, and the rest of the Balkan region.[8]

Colliers International, a major real estate services firm, has been able to secure new retailers such as Euronics, Mercator and Intersport to lease space in Albania's Citypark shopping centre.[3]

Other major retailers including Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Cacharel, Toi & Moi, Societta, Altin Bas, Primo Emporio, Versace Home, One2Play and Chicco have also signed according to a statement by Colliers International.[3]

The Citypark shopping centre is a large development for Tirana's population. It totals 111,000 square meters of built-up area and 3,000 parking spaces.[6]

The Citypark development will also be offering other important services apart from shopping that include cafés, a hotel with conference high-tech facilities, a concert hall and other leisure scenes for families.[6]


Coordinates: 41°22′05″N 19°41′14″E / 41.36806°N 19.68722°E / 41.36806; 19.68722