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Members of the Civil Human Rights Front protesting near Tsim Sha Tsui on the day of 2008 Summer Olympics torch relay

Civil Human Rights Front or CHRF (Chinese: 民間人權陣線; pinyin: Mínjiān Rénquán Zhènxiàn) is an organization that focuses on the issues of Hong Kong politics and livelihood, affiliates almost all the pan-democratic camps in Hong Kong. Forty-eight NGOs and political groups have been involved in the organization as of January 2006. The most well-known event held by the CHRF is the Hong Kong 1 July marches.[1]

Organizational development[edit]

Civil Human Rights Front was founded on 13 September 2002, with the aim to provide a platform consolidating voices and powers from various groups and spectrum of the societies in order to advance the development in the human and civil rights movements.[2]

The initial aim was to focus on the enactment of the legislation of Article 23 of the Basic Law.[3] After the protest in 2003, the organization started to diversify its mandate, to include issues such as equal opportunities and authorities given to the police.


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