Civitas Londinium

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Civitas Londinium; Agas' Map of London, (1570-1605?).

Civitas Londinium is the title of what is probably the earliest proper map (as opposed to panoramic view, such as those of Wyngaerde) of London. It has long been attributed to Ralph Agas - according to Mitton in "Maps of Old London", this was first done by George Vertue (1648-1756). There is apparently no direct evidence that Agas did in fact create the map.

Again according to Mitton, internal evidence (Old St. Paul's has lost its spire, the Royal Exchange is built, Northumberland House is not yet built) places the map between about 1570 and 1605.

The existing maps appear to be later copies of the original, and the image here is of a reproduction of the one held in the Guildhall (London) in 1874.


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