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Civitatis International
Founded 2002
Type NGO

Civitatis International is a private foundation that promotes peace, dialogue and cooperation between nations and civilizations. Civitatis International convenes policy seminars for the Ambassadors to the Court of St. James's and advises stakeholders around the world.

Speeches by heads of state and government[edit]

Civitatis International has published speeches of former heads of state and government from its clients, including: President Mikhail Gorbachev; President Óscar Arias Sánchez; President Francesco Cossiga; Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti; Prime Minister Emilio Colombo; Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral; Prime Minister Mesut Yılmaz; Prime Minister Pierre Marc Johnson; HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal; Foreign Minister Hubert Védrine Foreign Minister Gianni De Michelis; Ambassador Jack Matlock; Lord Robert Skidelsky; Jiang Mingjun; Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and Dr Jamie Shea.


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