Clackamas Web Academy

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Clackamas Web Academy
Clackamas Web Academy.JPG
School is located on the third floor
8740 SE Sunnybrook Boulevard
Clackamas, Oregon, Clackamas County, 97267
United States
Coordinates 45°25′46″N 122°34′24″W / 45.429542°N 122.573411°W / 45.429542; -122.573411Coordinates: 45°25′46″N 122°34′24″W / 45.429542°N 122.573411°W / 45.429542; -122.573411
Type Public
School district North Clackamas School District
Principal Brad Linn[1]
Grades 1-12[1]
Number of students 409[2]

Clackamas Web Academy is a public school in Clackamas, Oregon, United States.

General information[edit]

Clackamas Web Academy (CWA) is a free, public charter school, which operates in the North Clackamas School District and is endorsed by the state of Oregon. The 2010-11 school year will kick off the school’s eighth year of operation. During the spring of 2010, the North Clackamas School Board unanimously voted to extend the school’s charter for an additional five years.

CWA serves approximately 450 students, grades 1-12, in a blended model. This model combines supported web-based home education with on-site classes and activities. The school serves a very diverse and dynamic student population. Many students are home educated, while others choose the program because they need a more flexible schedule than a traditional school provides. The students and families in the CWA program enjoy the flexible academic programs, school-sponsored enrichment activities, social events, certified teaching staff, business and community partnerships, and special attention that is provided to each individual learner.

How does the school work? Students are assigned a faculty member who meets with them at least every other week. The CWA teaching staff is also available throughout the day by cell phone, email, and other means of communication. All students have the option of checking out a laptop computer for the academic year. Families must provide adult supervision and a high-speed internet connection. CWA teachers and students are supported by an administrator, an ESL coordinator, two counselors, an internship/early college coordinator, an academic support coordinator, a technical support specialist, and a principal secretary.


The school’s Clackamas, Oregon location, on Sunnybrook Road above 24-Hour Fitness, makes it easy for students to take advantage of tutoring sessions, meet with the technical support team, reach out to the certified counseling staff, explore free college opportunities and access the 24-Hour Fitness gym. In addition, students of all grade levels can attend on-site elective classes for credit, such as hands-on science labs, creative writing and reading classes, leadership seminars and a host of other enrichment opportunities.


In 2008-09, CWA posted gains of 9.4% in school-wide math scores (61% met or exceeded) and 4% in school-wide reading scores (80% met or exceeded). The result was both scores met the federal targets for Adequate Year Progress.[3]

In 2008, 23% of the school's seniors received their high school diploma. Of 57 students, 13 graduated, 20 dropped out, and 24 are still in high school.[4][5]


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