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Claire's Stores, Inc.
Industry Retail
Founded 1961
Headquarters Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Number of locations 3,469 stores
Area served Worldwide
Key people James D. Fielding (CEO)[1]
Products Accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics
Revenue US$ 1.41 Billion (2008)[2]
Operating income -US$ 446 Million (2008)[2]
Net income -US$ 644 Million (2008)[2]
Owner(s) Apollo Management
Employees 17,600 (January 2009)

Claire's is a retailer of accessories and jewelry to girls and young women, created in 1961, with its Illinois office, where its headquarters is located, in Hoffman Estates, Illinois in suburb of Chicago, and its Florida office in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

As of October 27, 2012, Claire's has 3,469 stores in 36 countries: 1,947 in North America (United States & Canada), 1,141 in Europe (United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy), and 381 franchised and licensed stores elsewhere in the world (Japan, Middle East, India, Mexico, Turkey, Ukraine, Greece, Malta, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Venezuela, and Dominican Republic)[3]

Their stores are in 95% of all U.S. shopping malls, and Claire's has done more ear piercings than any other retailer, over 80 million in 25+ years.[4]

In 1996, Leslie Mann of the Chicago Tribune said that "Although the management of Claire's says the company doesn't advertise and is deliberately low-profile, the name "Claire" is as familiar to female Baby Boomers as "Ringo". To the Boomers' mall-cruising daughters—and, more and more, to their sons—it's right up there with singer Puff Daddy."[5]


In 1995 Claire's acquired an option to buy Bow Bangles, a British chain with 71 stores in England, Wales, and Scotland.[6]

In 1998 Claire's bought Bijoux One, a Swiss chain.[7]

In 1999 Claire's agreed to buy Cleopatre, a privately owned chain based in Paris with 42 stores, for $11 million in cash.[8] In November 1999, Claire's acquired rival firm Afterthoughts.[9]

Corporate affairs[edit]

Claire's has two offices, one in Illinois and one in Florida.[10] The Illinois office is the location of the principal executive offices.[11][12]

As of 1997 and since 1973, the CEO regularly commutes between Pembroke Pines and Hoffman Estates. As of 1996 Claire's also has offices in New York City and Hong Kong.[5]

Illinois office[edit]

Claire's has its Illinois offices in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, in Greater Chicago.[13][14] The facility is a brown brick building off of Interstate 90 (Northwest Tollway),[5][15] near Barrington Road.[15] The building serves as Claire's distribution center and main facility, and all merchandise is routed through this facility. Its products, which as of 1996 are mainly imported, are distributed and marketed through the Hoffman Estates location.[5] The company's buying, distribution, and marketing divisions are in the Hoffman Estates facility.[16] As of 1996, 236 full-time employees and several temporary employees work in the facility. Leslie Mann of the Chicago Tribune said that the facility "contrasts with Claire's glittery stores in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom and Japan."[5] Mann added that "Except for the prototype store in the lobby and the fashion accessories that line the walls of the buyers' offices, the center is unremarkable."[5]

Previously a facility in Wood Dale, Illinois served the purposes now held by the Hoffman Estates office.[5] In early January 1995 Pfizer sold its Hoffman Estates headquarters building for $7.4 million to Claire's so it could consolidate its operations in Memphis, Tennessee. At the time the Hoffman Estates office had 247,000 square feet (22,900 m2) of space.[15] In 1998 Claire's announced plans to build a two-story office building and a 275,000-square-foot (25,500 m2) warehouse at the Hoffman Estates site. This would double the total amount of space at the Illinois site.[17]

Florida office[edit]

Its Florida office in Pembroke Pines, Florida, in Greater Miami.[18][19] The Florida offices are west of the intersection of Flamingo Road and Pines Boulevard. It has 26,000 square feet (2,400 m2) of space in its Florida offices.[20] As of 1997 the CEO has his office in Pembroke Pines.[5] In addition, the company's customer service and investor relations divisions are located in the Pembroke Pines offices.[16] In November 1990 Claire's moved its Florida offices from northern Dade County to Pembroke Pines. The former headquarters had 10,000 square feet (930 m2) of space.[20]

Store types[edit]

A mall-based Claire's store in Alpena, Michigan
Claire's branch in Boulevard Saint Michel, Paris, France
Glendale, Queens, New York

There are two types of Claire's Boutique stores. One is a multi-million dollar store. Multi-million dollar stores accumulate one million dollars or more in a year. Some of these stores are located at Kenwood Mall in Cincinnati, OH, Monroe Crossing in Monroe, NC, Ashville Mall in Asheville,NC, and Westminster Mall in Westminster, CA. "[21][22] Claire's Stores operates under two brands:

The majority of stores are of the Claire's store concept, and it is the only concept that operates outside North America. These stores are aimed principally at teens and tweens, and have a kid's section. They average about 1,000 sq. feet, are typically located in malls, and carry the widest selection of merchandise among Claire's brands. Claire's merchandise is targeted at different age groups ranging from babies to young adults. Customers can find earrings, necklaces, bracelets, purses, hair accessories, and fashion accessories. Claire's stores are merchandised to accommodate these different ages, and fashion trends are manipulated to appeal to all ages.

The second brand is Icing. These stores are targeted towards young women aged 19–28. The merchandise has a higher price point, and is more mature. Most items are accessories and jewelry, but merchandise also includes items like candles, mineral-based cosmetics,21st birthday accessories, bachelorette accessories, footwear and many other items. Icing typically does not offer licensed merchandise, giving the stores considerably less inventory, creating a less "over-stuffed" feel to customers.[23]

Other variations of these stores exist, such as an Icing store on Halsted Street in Chicago with marble fixtures and a more "boutique" styling.


Claire's sell accessories such as costume jewelry, sterling silver and 14kt gold earrings, hypoallergenic (nickel free) earrings, hair accessories, purses, wallets, socks, tights, legwarmers, sunglasses, hats, footwear, cosmetics, stylish glasses and winter accessories. Claire's also sells notebooks, pens and stuffed animals. The stores offer a wide variety of styles in their products, ranging from punk, gothic, emo, and rock chick to pink, glittery, and flowery items. Claire's merchandise is targeted at the fashion forward teen, tween and young adult. Claire's merchandise directly mimics higher end style trends.

Claire's also carries an assortment of holiday items such as Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, and Christmas items.

Nearly all Claire's locations also offer ear piercing as all the staff are full trained in using the Studex 'gun'. Claire's start piercing customers at the age of three months with their second set of immunizations and does not pierce the cartilage of people under 13.

The store carries its own range of perfumes.


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