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Claire Blatchford (born 1944 in Washington D.C.)[1][2] is an author. She became deaf at the age of six due to mumps. She graduated in 1966 from Bennington College.[1][2] and earned a master's degree from Adelphi University in the Waldorf School teacher training program and in Deaf education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is married and has two daughters.[1] She continued working for several years as a teacher of deaf children.[2] Claire Blatchford is an author of spiritual books and Deaf literature, including books and poetry.

Spiritual Books and Deaf Literature[edit]

  • Turning: Words Heard from Within (1994, 2001)
  • Friend of My Heart: Meeting Christ in Everyday Life (1999)
  • Becoming: A Call to Love (2004)
  • Experiences with the Dying and the Dead: Waking to Our Connections with Those Who Have Died (2007)[2]

Deaf Poetry[edit]

  • The Deaf Girl: a memory
  • The Collector
  • Centering
  • Acorn
  • Mid-winter[1]


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