Claire Du Brey

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Claire Du Brey
Claire Du Brey from Who's Who on the Screen.jpg
DuBrey in Who's Who on the Screen (1920)
Born Clara Violet Dubreyvich
(1892-08-31)August 31, 1892
Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, U.S.
Died August 1, 1993(1993-08-01) (aged 100)
Los Angeles, California, U,S,
Occupation Actress
Years active 1916-1960
Spouse(s) Dr. Mark Gordon

Claire Du Brey (August 31, 1892 – August 1, 1993) born Clara Violet Dubreyvich was an American actress. She appeared in more than 200 films between 1916 and 1959. She was born in Bonner's Ferry, Idaho and died in Los Angeles, California.


Her screen career began with Universal Studios and she played at one time or another with almost all the larger companies. Films in which she appeared include The Wishing Ring Man, The World Aflame, What Every Woman Wants, The Spite Bride, Dangerous Hours (1919), and The Walk Offs.

According to Who's Who on the Screen (1920), Du Brey was proficient in athletics, excelling in swimming, riding, golfing, tennis and motoring. She was five feet seven inches high, weighed 130 pounds and had auburn hair and brown eyes, and took a lively interest in horticulture.[1]

Relationship with Marie Dressler[edit]

In the late 1990s two biographies of Marie Dressler were published, Marie Dressler: The Unlikeliest Star (1997), by Ontario resident and writer Betty Lee, and Marie Dressler: A Biography (1999) by Matthew Kennedy. However, only Lee had access to DuBrey's diary. Both biographies claim Dressler and Du Brey had a long term lesbian relationship.[2][3]

Selected filmography[edit]

Advertisement (1919)


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