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Claire Hennessy is the Irish author of several young adult novels. She was born in Dublin in 1986 and attended Trinity College Dublin, where she completed a BA in History and English and master's degrees in Popular Literature and Creative Writing. She teaches creative writing workshops and co-founded a creative writing school in Dublin.[1] Her first book, Dear Diary..., was written when she was twelve and published by Poolbeg shortly before her fourteenth birthday and she has published several more novels with them since then.[1] She also writes short fiction for adults and has received bursaries from the Irish Arts Council to complete a collection.


  • Dear Diary... (2000)
  • Being Her Sister (2001)
  • Memories (2002)
  • Stereotype (2003)
  • Good Girls Don't (2004)
  • Afterwards (2005)
  • Girls on the Verge: the Claire Hennessy collection (2005)
  • That Girl (2007)
  • Big Picture (2008)
  • Every Summer (2009)
  • Seeds of Liberty (2014)

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