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Claire Huchet Bishop (1899 – 13 March 1993) was a children's novelist and librarian, winner of the Newbery Honor for Pancakes-Paris and All Alone and the Josette Frank Award for Twenty and Ten. The Five Chinese Brothers won the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award in 1959.


An American born in France [1] or Geneva, Switzerland,[2] Bishop attended the Sorbonne and started the first children's library in France.[2] After moving to the United States, she worked for the New York City Public Library and was an apologist for Roman Catholicism and an opponent[3] of antisemitism.[1]


Children's books[edit]

Adult books[edit]

  • 1947 France Alive
  • 1950 All Things Common
  • 1950 Boimondau: A French Community of Work
  • 1971 Jesus and Israel Jules Isaac
  • 1974 How Catholics look at Jews: Inquiries Into Italian, Spanish, and French Teaching Materials


  • "Government is too big and too important to be left to the politicians." [4]
  • "Those who marry to escape something usually find something else." [5]


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