Clallam Bay Corrections Center

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Clallam Bay Corrections Center (CBCC)
Location Clallam County,
near Clallam Bay, Washington
Coordinates 48°14′23″N 124°17′12″W / 48.23972°N 124.28667°W / 48.23972; -124.28667Coordinates: 48°14′23″N 124°17′12″W / 48.23972°N 124.28667°W / 48.23972; -124.28667
Status Operational
Security class Maximum, Close, Medium
Capacity 858 as of June 2008
Opened 1985
Managed by Washington State Department of Corrections
Director Ron Fraker, Superintendent

Clallam Bay Corrections Center is situated on the Olympic Peninsula in Clallam County, two miles south of the community of Clallam Bay, Washington.

CBCC opened as a medium-custody 450-bed facility in 1985 and converted to a Closed Custody facility in 1991. In 1992, it expanded to house an additional 400 medium-custody inmates. Today, the facility house 900 inmates.

The facility provides medium-, maximum-, and closed-custody housing for inmates who are serving sentences for crimes committed in Washington State. Currently, 68.4% of Clallam Bay's offenders were convicted of violent offenses, with an average age of 32.1 years old.

There are 400 full-time professional correctional employees at Clallam Bay. Five correctional industries staff members manage the on-site garment industry. Thirty members of the staff and faculty from Peninsula College serve at the facility, providing adult offender education and staff training programs.

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