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Not to be confused with Clarinet. ‹See Tfd›
Type Private
Industry MSP
Founded 1996
Headquarters London, UK
Key people Charles Nasser (CEO)
Claranet network as of 2013

Claranet is Western Europe's largest independent managed services provider[citation needed].

Claranet provides network, hosting and managed application services in the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands (Benelux), Portugal, and Spain. Charles Nasser founded the ISP in 1996[1] and by 1999 had 150,000 subscribers.[2]

Claranet has grown its business through a number of acquisitions, including Netscalibur in 2003,[3][4] via uk in 2004[5][6] and in 2005 Amen Group, via Europe and Artful.[7][8] In 2012 Claranet acquired Star Technology [9]

Claranet was the first UK service provider to offer IPv6-enabled networks.[10]


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