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Clarbeston (Welsh: Treglarbes) is a village and parish in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It is situated 11 km (6.8 mi) east of Haverfordwest. The parish, together with Wiston and Walton East, constitute the community of Wiston.

Clarbeston Road railway station and the surrounding settlement and post town of Clarbeston Road lie to the west of the village.

The English placename means "Clarenbald's farm", Clarenbald being a continental Germanic (perhaps Flemish) personal name.[1] The Welsh placename is a translation of the English. The parish is close to, or on, the Pembrokeshire language frontier and has always had a somewhat fluctuating proportion of Welsh speakers.

The parish had an area of 671 ha (1,660 acres). Its census populations were: 180 (1801): 178 (1851): 158 (1901): 114 (1951): 71 (1981)

The percentage of Welsh speakers was 41 (1891): 44 (1931): 27 (1971)


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Coordinates: 51°51′17″N 4°50′9″W / 51.85472°N 4.83583°W / 51.85472; -4.83583