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Clare Darcy was the pseudonym used by the American novelist Mary Deasy (1914-1978) for her Regency Romance novels, i.e., novels set in Regency England. She was born on May 20, 1914 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and died in Ohio in May 1978. A number of the manuscripts of her Regency novels (as well as of her other works), along with notebooks, scrapbooks, photographs, correspondence, book reviews, etc., are in the collection of the Howard Gottlieb Archival Research Center at Boston University, whose website (see link below) provides further information about the Deasy/Darcy collection.

Works published under the pseudonym Clare Darcy[edit]

  • Georgina (1971)
  • Cecily: Or a Young Lady of Quality (1972) (German translation 1978: Cecily)
  • Lydia: Or Love in Town (1973) (German translation 1977: Lydia)
  • Victoire (1974) (German translation 1974: Victoire und der leichtsinnige Marquis)
  • Lady Pamela (1975) (German translation 1982: Pamela )
  • Allegra (1976) (German translation 1993: Allegra)
  • Elyza (1976) (German translation 1991: Elyza)
  • Regina (1976) (German translation 1982: Regina und das verschwundene Halsband)
  • Cressida (1977) (German translation: Cressida und der charmante Abenteurer)
  • Eugenia (1977) (German translation 1990: Eugenia)
  • Gwendolen (1979)
  • Rolande (1979) (German translation 1991: Rolande)
  • Letty (1980)
  • Caroline and Julia (1982)

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