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Clarence Jey is an American record producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and songwriter of Sri Lankan heritage who has had music on US Top 100 Billboard charts, a Grammy winning record and various award winning US Television shows including an Emmy nominated show.[1][2]

Young Jey initially grew up in Australia with performing with local bands and composing/producing music at his studio in Melbourne where Clarence Jey blended his love of music and television to write and produce the theme song and additional music for the 2007 US Emmy nominated Discovery Kids animation television show, "Growing Up Creepie". This success led to his relocation to Los Angeles, California.[3] Since then, he has composed music for various television shows including Common Law, America's Got Talent, Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew and The Newsroom.[4][5][6]Jey has had his music featured on commercials including US retailer, Kohls' commercial.[7]

In 2011, Clarence Jey was part of ARK Music Factory and in association with Patrice Wilson was instrumental in one of the largest internet viral sensations in history, "Friday", by Rebecca Black, which resulted in over 200 million YouTube hits. He co-wrote and produced/engineered the controversial song, which hit the US Billboard Top 100 and iTunes Top 20 in March 2011,[8] referred to as "genius" by music executive, Simon Cowell[9] and pop artist Lady Gaga. "Friday" was also covered by artists such as Katy Perry, Justin Bieber[10] as well as the cast of Fox network's hit show Glee,[11] that resulted in their version of "Friday" landing on US Billboard Top 100[12] as well as iTunes Top 10. In 2013, US Late Night host Jimmy Fallon's second album, the Grammy-winning album[13] Blow Your Pants Off, included "Friday", as performed by Fallon and Stephen Colbert.[14][15]

Clarence Jey continued to extend his passion for creating music for television into the world of film. In 2014, he produced and composed original songs and took on the role of Music Supervisor for martial artist actor Jean-Claude Van Damme film titled Full Love,[16] premiering at the Shanghai International Film Festival.[17]

Clarence Jey worked with TMZ's Harvey Levin produced US reality show Famous in 12 on The CW network, where Jey was invited to assist the up and coming artist find her dream. [18][19]


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