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Claret Samal Foundation, Inc. (CSFI) caters to the needs of the most disadvantaged group in the island of Basilan – the Samal-Bajaus. It serves as a conduit of resources for the benefit of the Bajau people, among other functions besides.[1]

The Samal-Bajaus[edit]

The Samal-Bajaus are from the sea dwelling tribes of the Sulu Sea, located in the southernmost part of the Philippines, in the smaller islands at the tip of Mindanao. They are a familiar sight as mendicants / beggars plying the streets of Manila and the other bigger cities of the Philippines. The government usually "extradites" these "unsightly characters" in planeloads back to Mindanao around the month of December, just in time to beautify Manila or other big cities for the holidays—only to find them back again a few months later. CSFI seeks to be of help to these people by working for and with them in the community level, hoping to address the root causes of Bajau migration, vagrancy, and mendicancy.


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