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Paved shopping street with shops on either side. Green bollards
An entrance to Clarks Village

Clarks Village is a designer outlet shopping complex at Street in the English county of Somerset. The centre includes more than 90 shops. There are also coffee shops, refreshment stalls and a dining area shared by fast food chains,[1] mostly selling goods at a discount to high street prices.

It is sited in the redundant factory buildings of C&J Clark which was established in the village during the 19th century when Cyrus Clark started a business in sheepskin rugs, later joined by his brother James, who introduced the production of woollen slippers and, later, boots and shoes.[2] but shoes are no longer manufactured there.

The Shoe Museum, which is a short distance from Clarks Village,[3] provides a wealth of information about the history of Clarks and footwear manufacture in general,[3] and a selection of shop display showcards from the 1930s, 1950s and 1960s,[4] and television advertisements.[5] The frontage of the shoe museum includes the clock tower and water tower.[6]

The site is owned by the Hermes Real Estate group and managed by REALM Ltd,[1] who also manage a number of other outlet centres in the United Kingdom.

In September 2013, a new centre manager Geoffrey Nidd took charge[7] and introduced a series of changes which attracted widespread condemnation of the local community, village tenants and shoppers.[8] These included the relocation of a landmark sculpture,[9] increasing car parking charges,[10] changing the centre's opening hours often with no publicity or warning.[8][11] The village tenants reported falling visitor numbers[12] and many popular landmarks stores, including Nike, Addidas, Prices Candles, FatFace, Lacoste and Starbucks have left the village - some being replaced by more expensive designer stores


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