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The Classical Tripos is the taught course in classics at the University of Cambridge, equivalent to Literae Humaniores at Oxford. It is traditionally a three year degree, but for those who have not studied Latin and Greek at school a four year course has been introduced. It is not essential to have a Greek A-Level to study for the three year degree as intensive Greek teaching is available, but most students will have a Latin A-Level.

Classics at Cambridge consists of Language (Greek and Latin), Classical Literature, Ancient History, Classical Art and Archaeology, Classical Philosophy, and Linguistics.

Prelims to Part I[edit]

Taken by those doing the four year course, this is an introduction to Latin, with Greek being taken up in Part IA.

Part IA[edit]

During the first year, undergraduates take subjects to gain a general idea of the ancient world and to discover which area is most appealing to them. Much of the work is language based: Written texts are a major source of evidence for classical antiquity and so there is an emphasis in Part I on developing fluent, accurate reading skills in both Greek and Latin.

Although roughly three-quarters of the course is taken up with developing language skills, both centred on the set texts and in unseen translation, students are also expected to study literature, philosophy, history, linguistics and philology, and art and archaeology.

Part IB[edit]

There is a wider choice in the second year and undergraduates narrow down their field of study. Whilst they have to study Language and Literature, the choice of Literature is wider, and they choose two out of History, Art and Archaeology, Philosophy and Linguistics.

Part II[edit]

Part II gives the widest choice. It is possible to completely focus on one subject, or to choose a broad range of subjects. Candidates take four papers, although one of these papers may be substituted by a 10,000 word Thesis.

Professors in the Cambridge University Faculty of Classics[edit]

Other notable fellows of Classics at Cambridge include Nigel Spivey