Claude-François de Payan

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Claude-François de Payan (14 May 1766, Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux - 28 July 1794, Paris) was a political figure of the French Revolution.

He was guillotined 28 July 1794, with 21 others, including Saint-Just.


Early career[edit]

Payan was from a noble family in the Dauphiné, descended from the count palatines, which had held important army and magistrate posts. His father was the squire François de Payan and so Claude-François naturally joined an artillery regiment before the Revolution. On the Revolution he was highly enthused by the new ideas and fully subscribed to them. His elder brother Joseph-François de Payan was also a revolutionary.

Departmental roles[edit]

Actions in Paris[edit]

National agent in Paris[edit]

A rigorous policy[edit]



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