Claude Pajon

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Claude Pajon

Claude Pajon (1626 - September 27, 1685) was a 17th-century French theologian. He studied at the University of Saumur, where in 1666 he was hired as a professor of theology.[1] Two years later, however, in 1668, Pajon was forced to resign from the position following the so-called "Pajonist controversy" surrounding his views on salvation.[1][2] Pajon had disseminated a manuscript expounding his radical Cameronian view that the Holy Spirit operates on human intellect and reason through the Word of God, a view which was seen as contrary to the University's prevailing Calvinist doctrine.[1][2] Following his resignation, Pajon became a pastor at Orléans. In 1677, his unorthodox views led to accusations that he was an Arminianist and a Pelagianist.[1][3] He died on September 27, 1685, in Carré.[1]


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