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Claude Speed
Grand Theft Auto character
Claude Speed.jpg
Claude Speed, as portrayed by Scott Maslen in the opening movie of Grand Theft Auto 2, under the banner GTA2: The Movie.
First appearance GTA2: The Movie
First game Grand Theft Auto 2
Created by Rockstar Games
Portrayed by Scott Maslen

Claude Speed is the main protagonist and playable character and in the 1999 video game Grand Theft Auto 2, a game in the Grand Theft Auto series. He is portrayed by Scott Maslen in GTA2: The Movie.[1]

There is much speculation whether or not Claude Speed is the same main protagonist from Grand Theft Auto III, who is simply named "Claude".[2] This is due to the same first names, manner of attire, and physical appearances. When asked to confirm such debate, Rockstar Games simply stated that GTA III Claude's "surname may or may not be Speed".[3]


Claude Speed's career began as a simple thug, but he was later recruited by major gangs that were in control of Anywhere City. Claude worked incognito with all of them and managed to kill the leaders of all of the gangs, effectively becoming the true crime leader of Anywhere City.[4]

At the conclusion of GTA2: The Movie, Claude is shot and killed by a member of the Zaibatsu Corporation.[1] However, there is currently no confirmation from Rockstar Games declaring whether this is actually considered as official canon or not.


In Grand Theft Auto 2, Claude is depicted as an extremely rude character, and apparently has no regret of the crime he accomplishes. If he is paid well, he will work for anyone, and will be ready to fight anyone to pursue his goals. He was seen multiple times laughing after he successfully gained what he wanted and seems to act particularly ferocious during the murders he commits, once being seen spitting over the body of a person he murdered. Claude worked for various gangs simultaneously, angering all of them but also managing to murder the leader of the gangs. He is known to have used drugs and cigars, and is knowledgeable in the field of weaponry, using weapons ranging from pistols to rocket launchers.[5]


Claude Speed, as depicted in GTA2: The Movie, shares some physical appearances with the main protagonist, of the same first name, from Grand Theft Auto III, including his black jacket, t-shirt, long pants and slicked hair. Claude may also bear some resemblance to Elvis Presley, as when he walks into the Elvis impersonators in the game, they will occasionally shout "Hey man, it's the King!" and "I told you he was alive!"[6]


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