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Claude Troisgros is a French chef who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is the son of the famous chef Pierre Troisgros, who with his brother Jean were among a group of French chefs who pioneered nouvelle cuisine in the 1970s, influenced by Fernand Point.

Claude Troisgros runs four restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, Olympe [1] and 66 Bistrô [2], CT Brasserie [3] and CT Boucherie. In the USA, he was part-owner of the restaurant Caviar & Banana in New York City, and he is Executive Chef/Consultant at Blue Door Restaurant [4] at the Delano Hotel in Miami. 66 Bistrô was recently closed in order to open another CT Boucherie location.

Troisgros is a celebrity chef in Brazil, where he presents his own TV show Que Marravilha! on the GNT cable channel. The TV show has a magazine format, with recipes, reality show features, and travelogue pieces.[1]


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