Claudia Katz

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Claudia Katz
Claudia Katz by Gage Skidmore 2.jpg
Claudia Katz at the 2010 Comic Con in San Diego.
Born Claudia Katz
New York, NY

Claudia Katz is an American animation producer. Katz is a partner and Executive Vice President of Rough Draft Studios. She got her start in advertising in NY, eventually producing commercials for numerous TV ad campaigns, including the Nestle Butterfinger campaign featuring, "The Simpsons". In 1994 Katz joined Rough Draft Studios to produce "The Maxx" for MTV. Since then, she has produced numerous projects for film and television including: "Futurama" – the series, "Napoleon Dynamite", "Full English" for Great Britain's Channel 4, "Sit Down, Shut Up", all four "Futurama" direct-to-DVD features, "The Simpsons Movie", "Drawn Together", "Star Wars: Clone Wars I & II", "Baby Blues", "Spy Vs. Spy", the Looney Tunes Theatrical Shorts; "Duck Dodgers – Attack of the Drones" and "The Whizzard of Ow", and numerous pilots for network and cable. Claudia has received Emmy and Hugo Awards for her work on "Futurama", Emmy Awards for "Star Wars: Clone Wars I & II", Annie Awards for "Bender's Big Score", "Beast With A Billion Backs", and "Into The Wild Green Yonder" and an Annecy Award for "The Maxx". Katz is a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College Class of 1988.

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