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Claudia Pastorino (born 1965 in Genoa) is a Italian singer-songwriter and author.


She has released the following albums: I gatti di Baudelaire (1995), Inventare l'allegria (1997), Trentanni (1999), Un sogno di mare (2005), Live and let live (2006), Tango che ho visto ballare... (2012).

Pastorino also dedicated her efforts to the learning of the Jainism. In 2002 she published with Edizioni Cosmopolis Jainism, the most ancient Doctrine of Nonviolence, Compassion and Ecology an Italian translation of "The book of compassion". In 2003, she published Essence of Jainism: History, Philosophy, Tales, by Editori Riuniti.

On the subject of voice-therapy, Pastorino published Curarsi con la voce, 2009 (Riza Scienze) and Il canto e la vita, 2012 (Elegantia Doctrinae).

Since 1983 Claudia volunteers as an activist for animals rights and welfare, and she spreads vegetarianism. In 1983 she founded the Antivivisection Association in Liguria.

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