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For the Chilean footballer, see Claudio Núñez.

Claudio Nunes (born March 23, 1968[1] in Rome) is an Italian bridge international. He is a five-time world champion, a World Grand Master of the World Bridge Federation (WBF), and the WBF second-ranked player as of April 2011.[2] He is one of 10 players globally who collected the Triple Crown of Bridge.

Nunes' regular partner is Fulvio Fantoni, the first-ranked World Grand Master (April 2011). Fantoni-Nunes are generally regarded as one of the top pairs worldwide. They play "Fantunes", for their surnames, an innovative bidding system characterised by natural but forcing one-level opening bids in all four suits.

Emigration to Monaco[edit]

From 2011 Nunes and Fantoni are full-time members of a team led and paid by the Swiss real estate tycoon Pierre Zimmermann, under contract expiring 2016. The team finished third in the 2010 world championship, not yet full-time. From 2012 all six members will be citizens of Monaco and the team will be a prohibitive favorite to represent Monaco internationally.[3]

Major Bridge tournament wins[edit]


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