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Not to be confused with Clausius.

Claudius is a name of Latin origin, meaning "Crippled".

Claudius was the fourth Roman Emperor reigning from 41 to his death in 54.

Claudius may also refer to:


Ancient world[edit]

Middle Ages[edit]


  • Gelawdewos of Ethiopia, known as Claudius in English, mid-16th century Emperor of Ethiopia
  • Claudius Salmasius, Latin name of Claude Saumaise (1588–1653), French classical scholar
  • Claudius Smith (1736–1779), a notorious British Loyalist guerrilla leader in the American Revolution
  • Claudius Buchanan (1766&ndash1815), Scottish theologian, ordained minister of the Church of England, and missionary
  • Benoit Claudius Crozet (1789–1864), French-American educator and civil engineer
  • Claudius Dornier (1884–1969), German airplane builder and founder of Dornier GmbH
  • Matthias Claudius (1740–1815), German poet famous for Death and the Maiden

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