Clausen, Luxembourg

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Clausen, in central Luxembourg City.

Clausen is a quarter in central Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg.

In 2011, the quarter had a population of 798 people.[1]

Its parish church, St. Cunegonde, is the location for Luxembourg's weekly celebration of Tridentine Mass on Sundays at 11.30 a.m. as of 5 October 2014.

St. Cunegonde, location of Luxembourg's only regular Sunday Tridentine Mass
List of Nationalities in Clausen
Rank Nationalities
1 Luxembourg Luxembourgers 252
2 Portugal Portuguese 166
3 France French (France) 89
4 Italy Italian 47
5 United Kingdom British 42
6 Germany German (Germany) 37
7 Belgium Belgian 32
8 United States American 12
9 Sweden Swedish 9
10 Denmark Danish 9
Other Nationalities 103
Total 798

Celebrity connection[edit]

The statesman Robert Schuman was born in a house which his parents were renting at the time along the rue Jules Wilhelm in Clausen. He later attended the local primary school.[2]. In 1985 the house was purchased by the state and it is now home to a small research institute.


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Coordinates: 49°36′40″N 6°08′10″E / 49.611°N 6.136°E / 49.611; 6.136