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Industry Local news, Hyperlocal media
Founded 2007
Headquarters Concord, California, USA
Key people
The Mayor of Claycord, founder
Slogan "News & Talk"
Website News & Talk[1] is an independent news blog.

History[edit] was started in May 2007 by an anonymous man who refers to himself as the "Mayor of Claycord". According to interviews, he has previous experience in radio news as a professional journalist.[2] He has been interviewed by Diablo Magazine,[3] SFGate,[2] Contra Costa Times[4] and Street Fight Magazine.[5]

It makes extensive use of information received from readers and most news stories appear in real time.[2] This keeps residents and interested parties up to date on the local news and local activities. The Mayor of Claycord exercises editorial control and he has a reputation for fact-checking and honesty.[3]

Claycord (CLAY-kərd) is a portmanteau of the two major cities served (Clayton and Concord).


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Featured and notable stories[edit]

News stories from have been featured or referenced on local San Francisco Bay Area news.[11][12] Stories have been cited on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC & in the Wall Street Journal.[citation needed] was the first news source to identify Phillip Craig Garrido as the man held in custody for the kidnapping, imprisonment and rape of Jaycee Lee Dugard.[3]

Collaboration[edit] now collaborates with The Concordian, a print newspaper, to provide printed content to local readers.

Area served[edit] covers the beat of Contra Costa County, California, US and includes the physically adjacent cities and towns of Clayton, Concord, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Pacheco, Shore Acres, Clyde, Vine Hill, and Port Chicago, CA.


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