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For the rapid transit station located in St. Louis, Missouri, see Clayton (St. Louis MetroLink).
Manchester metrolink logo.PNG Clayton Hall
Clayton Hall Metrolink station.jpg
Clayton Hall Metrolink station in February 2013
Clayton Hall is located in Manchester_Metrolink
Clayton Hall
Clayton Hall
Location of Clayton Hall in Greater Manchester
Place Clayton
Local authority Manchester
Coordinates 53°28′58″N 2°10′58″W / 53.4828°N 2.1829°W / 53.4828; -2.1829Coordinates: 53°28′58″N 2°10′58″W / 53.4828°N 2.1829°W / 53.4828; -2.1829
Platforms 2
Fare zone information
Metrolink Zone A
Present status In operation
Original operator Metrolink
Opened 8 February 2013 (preview)[1]
11 February 2013 (full)[2][3]
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Clayton Hall Metrolink station in the Clayton area of Manchester, England, is a tram stop on the East Manchester Line (EML) of Transport for Greater Manchester's light-rail Metrolink system. The station opened on 11 February 2013,[2][3] after a three-day free trial for local residents.[1] The station was constructed as part of Phase 3a of the Metrolink's expansion.[4]


Trams run along the East Manchester line westbound towards Manchester Piccadilly station before continuing through the city centre towards Bury,[3] whilst eastbound trams run to Ashton-under-Lyne. Trams run every 12 minutes at peak times; at off-peak times, the service is reduced to every 15 minutes.[5][6][7]

Connecting bus routes[edit]

Clayton Hall is served by buses stopping nearby on Ashton New Road. Stagecoach Manchester services 216 and 231 both run between Manchester and Ashton with the 216 replicating the tram route to Droylsden before continuing via Audenshaw, while the 231 runs via Littlemoss and Smallshaw. The 231 is also operated by First Manchester during the evening. Stagecoach's 171 service runs between Newton Heath and East Didsbury via Openshaw, Gorton and Levenshulme, while M Travel's 188 service also runs via Openshaw and Gorton on its route between Manchester and Ryder Brow.[8]


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