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Clean & Clear
Owner Johnson & Johnson (1991)
Country USA
Introduced 1956 (1956)
Markets World
Previous owners Revlon

Clean & Clear is a line of dermatology products owned by Johnson & Johnson used in acne treatment and keratolytic therapy. Contains benzoyl peroxide (10%)[1][2] or salicylic acid (2%)[3][4] as active ingredients.[5]


The "Clean and Clear" name was based on products that contained no fragrance or dyes, and left no residue after rinsing. The original Revlon product line featured not just facial skincare products, but shampoos and conditioners as well.[citation needed]

The brand was originally developed by Revlon as a line of sensitive skin personal care items. Product line started in 1956 when a new "Clean and Clear" liquid cleanser appeared.[6] It has been advertised as new "deep skin-cleaning liquid" that "cleanse all five cell layers of your skin".[7] To highlight its effect the product had a double promise of "Deep Deep Cleaning" on the bottle.

In 1957 ad the brand promised to customers that they will look "lovelier in just 5 days" and highlighted its CAT-I-ON-IC attraction.[8]

In 1959 "Clean and Clear" has been promoted as the "first facial cream-wash". Advertising explained that unlike soap it doesn't dry skin.[9]

By 1964 the cleanser has already had 2 versions (formulas), Regular and Dry.[10]

By 1986 the "Clean and Clear" product line consisted of "Skin cleansing lotion", "Facial Cleansing Gel", "Facial Moisture Lotion" and a soap bar.[11]

In 1991, Revlon sold Clean & Clear to Johnson & Johnson.[12]

In 1992 Johnson & Johnson reformulated Clean & Clear skincare line and divided it into base collection (focused on medical effect) and sensitive skin collection.[13]

In 1993, Clean & Clear adopted its current slogan, "Clean & Clear and Under Control". Johnson & Johnson repositioned Clean & Clear within the market, focusing on acne. Clean & Clear products are similar to Neutrogena (which J&J bought from Revlon in 1994[12]) line, but less expensive.

In 2012 the brand integrated Clean & Clear Advantage line of products The Sims Social game.[14]

In March 2014 the brand launched campaign with "See the Real Me" message focusing on real teenage looks.[15][16] Campaign featured popular American actress and singer Demi Lovato.[17]

Product range[edit]

Their primary focus is on skincare of young women but has extended their range to include products treating a wider range of conditions, recently launching a line of products "SOFT" focused on facial moisturizing.[citation needed] Clean & Clear is currently available in 46 countries.[citation needed]

Clean and Clear Advantage Control Kit consisting of cleanser, moisturizer and spot treatment has been named "Best Acne Regimen" by "InStyle" magazine in 2008.[18]

Persa-Gel 10 has been included into "Best-Ever Facial Products" list by "Women's Health" magazine.[19] Northwestern University dermatologist Amy Derick, M.D. in "Men's Health" magazine article suggests to use it overnight after salicylic acid containing face wash.[20]

Oil Absorbing Sheets are used to dry up the excess oil from face and remove shine.[21]

Health issues[edit]

In June 2014 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration mentioned Clean & Clear (among other over-the-counter topical acne products like Proactiv, Neutrogena, MaxClarity, Oxy, Ambi, Aveeno) in a special safety announcement on products that might cause "rare but serious hypersensitivity reactions".[22]

Clean & Clear cleansers are quite strong in action and might feel tough on the skin. Dermatologists suggest not to scrub the skin hard so that the stratum corneum, the skin's outermost layer remains untouched.[23]

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