Clean Feed Records

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Clean Feed Records
Founded 2001
Founder Pedro Costa
Genre Jazz
Country of origin Portugal
Location Lisbon
Official website

Clean Feed Records is a jazz record label. The company was founded in 2001 in Lisbon, Portugal. As of March 2011, the label has issued more than 200 albums and one DVD.[1] Its roster of artists includes Alfred Harth, Ken Vandermark, Dennis González, Scott Fields, Mark Dresser, Tim Berne, Charles Gayle, Peter Evans, Tony Malaby, Christian Lillinger, Evan Parker, Mary Halvorson, Joe Morris, Anthony Braxton, Elliott Sharp, Ellery Eskelin, Fight the Big Bull and Otomo Yoshihide. Since 2006, the company has presented the annual Clean Feed Festival in New York City, featuring performances by Clean Feed recording artists. Starting in 2010 it expanded its festivals to include Chicago and various cities in Europe.[2]


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