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For the now-defunct mobile network that has been merged with Telus Mobility, see Clearnet Communications.
Type Subsidiary of TELUS
Industry Telecommunications
Founded April 2011
Headquarters Canada

Clearnet (branded in advertising as "Clearne+") is a division of Telus Mobility launched in April 2011 which sells landline and mobile phone bundles in Western Canada.[1][2] It is a revival of the Clearnet Communications brand name, an independent cellular provider that was merged into Telus Mobility in 2000. Telus has relaunched Clearnet as a discount provider with a "limited market trial" in Kelowna, British Columbia and Red Deer, Alberta.[3]

The company closed to new business in June 2012.[4]


Mobile services provided by Clearnet use Telus Mobility's HSPA+ network. The maximum theoretical download speed is of 21 Mbit/s. The landline service is also provided by Telus, but retains the Clearnet branding.


The LG GB-255G, also known as the LG Madison, is a basic flip feature phone.

Clearnet has a very narrow and concise selection of mobile phones. It currently includes two feature phones and one smartphone, all which are also available on Telus Mobility. Clearnet does not sell any phones compatible with its landline service.

Feature phones[edit]

The Clearnet lineup of feature phones currently includes one from LG and another from Samsung:

  • LG GB-255G
  • Samsung Evergreen


Currently, the Samsung Galaxy Apollo is the only smartphone available from Clearnet. Additionally, only Wi-Fi Internet access is possible at this time, because Clearnet does not offer any mobile Internet plans.


Clearnet operates as a business name used by Telus Mobility.[1] The company currently offers two plans, one with unlimited mobile calling within the user's province and one with unlimited mobile talk and text nation-wide.[5] Both plans include a basic landline home phone. While the service is currently only offered to customers in Kelowna and Red Deer, coverage is available across Canada on the Telus network.[2] The Clearnet website states that data options will be available in the future.[5]

As of June 2, 2012, Clearnet displayed a notice on its website stating that they were no longer accepting new activations.


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