Clearwater River (Red Lake River)

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Clearwater River
Country United States
State Minnesota
Region Red River Valley
Part of Nelson River basin
 - left Ruffy Brook, Lost River[1], Terrebonne Creek, Beau Gerlot Creek, Lower Badger Creek[1]
 - right Walker Brook, Butcher Knife Creek
Cities Bagley, Minnesota, Plummer, Minnesota, Red Lake Falls, Minnesota
 - location Western Clearwater County, Minnesota[1]
 - elevation 1,440 ft (439 m)
Mouth Red Lake River[2]
 - location Red Lake Falls, Minnesota[2]
 - elevation 955 ft (291 m)
Basin 1,385 sq mi (3,587 km2) [1]

The Clearwater River is a 147-mile-long (237 km)[3] tributary of the Red Lake River of Minnesota in the United States. Via the Red Lake River, the Red River of the North, Lake Winnipeg, and the Nelson River, it is part of the Hudson Bay watershed.

"Clearwater" is an English translation of the native Ojibwe language name.[4]

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Coordinates: 47°53′38″N 96°16′58″W / 47.8938569°N 96.2828256°W / 47.8938569; -96.2828256[5]


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