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Clement Vann Rogers (1839–1911) was a Cherokee senator and judge in Indian Territory. Rogers was a Confederate veteran and served as a delegate to the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention. Rogers was the father of entertainer Will Rogers.

Rogers County, Oklahoma is named in honor of Clement Rogers.[1]

Clement Vann Rogers's parents, Robert Rogers and Sallie Vann, "came from Georgia before the main removal of the Cherokees in 1838."[2] Sallie Vann was a sister of David Vann, who was related to the Cherokee chief James Vann.[3] "Clem became associated with the brilliant Cherokee leader, William Penn Adair",[4] and named his son William Penn Adair Rogers after him. Clem served as a member of the Cherokee Senate during the years 1862-63.[5] In 1891 Clem was President of the Cherokee Livestock Association.[6] "Clem's political activities began in 1877 when he ran successful as Judge of Cooweescoowee District ... . He was Senator from his district five terms for the following years : 1879, 1881, 1883, 1899, 1903."[7] "In 1890 he was President of the Vinita Fair Board ... . In 1894 ... Clem Rogers became Vice President of the First National Bank of Claremore, a position he held until his death in 1911."[8] "In 1899, he was elected President of the Claremore School Board. ... That part of his beloved Cooweescoowee District where he lived was re-named "Rogers County" in his honor."[9]

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